Lesson 13   Sports
October 28
Let's Play Baseball!

Bobby joins Rob on the show. They talk about baseball. Bobby manages a baseball team. In baseball, one team is on the field at a time. The other team is at bat. The pitcher throws the ball really fast. The batter doesn't want to get three strikes. If the batter runs around all the bases, he scores a run!

manage (v)
Mom manages the family.

team (n)
I play on a baseball team.

field (n)
Which team is on the field?

strike (n)
The pitcher threw a strike.

base (n)
Run to first base!

Питчер (Pitcher) - игрок защищающейся команды, подающий мяч.

Бэттер (batter) - игрок нападения с битой, бьющий. Находится у «дома» перед кетчером.

Кэтчер (catcher) - игрок, находящийся за «домом», принимающий мяч поданный питчером.